The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning and Exams: a Guide to Oral Health

The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning and Exams: a Guide to Oral Health

March 14, 2023

Excellent dental hygiene is essential to maintain a beautiful smile and overall well-being. Unfortunately, many health problems are associated with oral hygiene, including systemic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, making it essential to remain concerned about regular teeth cleanings and exams from your dentist.

The mention of teeth cleanings can make you wonder why you must visit the dentist near you to get teeth cleaning and exams when you brush and floss daily, as your dentist recommends. Unfortunately, while your diligent brushing and flossing help keep your dental hygiene optimal, exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Some benefits of visiting dentists every six months for oral prophylaxis include detecting signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer, polishing your teeth to whiten them, and preventing tooth loss while maintaining your overall well-being.

If you are unaware of the association between excellent dental health and the essentiality of getting exams and cleanings from the dental clinic in Mesquite, we suggest you continue reading this article to understand the importance of these procedures to maintain your oral health optimal.

When Do I Need a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

Dentists and the American Dental Association suggest getting a dental exam and cleaning every six months to ensure you don’t become a victim of tooth decay, gum disease, and other conditions that require expensive and intensive dental treatments if left untreated.

Your mouth is home to roughly 700 species of mostly harmless bacteria. Unfortunately, if you don’t care for your oral hygiene, the bacteria can become harmful, creating unwanted complications in your mouth and body. It is why you must visit the Mesquite dental clinic every six months to get your teeth and gums examined and cleaned. The dentist treating you will evaluate your oral health to confirm you are maintaining it as recommended.

The condition of your oral health determines how often you must visit the dentist for exams and cleanings. While recommendations from your dentist and the ADA suggest six monthly oral prophylaxis near you, you benefit from annual visits if you maintain excellent dental hygiene. Unfortunately, if affected by problems like gum disease, you will require more frequent deep cleanings by your dentist to maintain optimal dental health.

How Can You Prepare for a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

No preparations are required before you visit the dentist for teeth cleaning and exams in Mesquite. However, you will probably receive a text message from the dentist reminding you about your scheduled cleaning. Adhering to the reminder is the only preparation you must make before presenting yourself to the dentist to get your teeth and gums examined and cleaned.

What Happens During a Dental Exam and Cleaning Procedure?

The dental exam and cleaning procedure is relatively straightforward and completed by the dentist within the hour. In addition, if you are backed by dental insurance, you don’t even have to worry about paying the dentist because your insurer permits twice-yearly dental visits to prevent complications in your mouth.

During the exam, the dentist will examine your mouth, looking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease besides oral cancer. They might take x-rays to determine whether tooth decay is developing between your teeth to create minor cavities and suggest treatment immediately if they notice discrepancies. If everything is acceptable, the dentist asks the hygienist to begin cleaning your teeth to remove accumulated plaque and tartar on your teeth and beneath the gum line.

The teeth cleaning procedure at the dental clinic Mesquite involves scraping plaque and tartar constantly developing on the teeth and below the gum line to prevent gingivitis or gum disease. The hygienist will use dental instruments to scrape away the plaque and tartar and polish your teeth to make them appear brighter. Finally, you receive a fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel to battle against cavities for several months. The procedure leaves you with a clean mouth without complications to ensure optimal oral and general health.

What Happens If You Avoid Dental Visits?

If you avoid dental visits because you don’t like them, your oral health significantly impacts your overall health. For example, detecting tooth decay early lets your dentist suggest minimally invasive treatments like fillings. Unfortunately, if you ignore cavities, they continue expanding until they reach the dental pulp causing severe pain and sensitivity, making it essential to receive root canal and dental crowns instead of fillings. Similarly, when you avoid visits to dentists for exams and cleanings, you invite gum disease into your mouth, making the condition a lifelong companion because no cure has been discovered for this infection that silently progresses to aggressive periodontitis resulting in tooth loss and multiple general health complications.

The ADA and dentists recommend regular exams and cleanings because they are essential to maintaining dental health and preventing overall health complications. Therefore it helps if you adhere to your dentist’s advice and avoid skipping dental visits for this procedure.

Mesquite Dental Solutions suggest dental exams and cleanings for everyone, including children, to ensure they can maintain excellent dental health. If you have not received oral prophylaxis for some time, kindly arrange a meeting with them to get your teeth and gums cleaned today.