Tooth Extractions

We all want healthy, attractive smiles with all our natural teeth intact. There are times, though, when a tooth may be too damaged to salvage. If that happens, our dentists are here to help. Mesquite Dental Solutions is dedicated to ensuring our patients have beautiful, healthy smiles. When you present to our clinic with a tooth problem, we evaluate it and advise whether you should have it removed or not. In most cases, we work hard to see that we salvage the tooth.

Importance Tooth Extractions

Receiving tooth extractions in Mesquite, TX can help prevent infection from spreading and attacking other healthy teeth. Getting a tooth extracted can help with implant placement if you have to get the remaining teeth removed. Extractions can also help if you are in pain from an infection.

When the infected tooth is removed, the pain will go away. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that once you have received an extraction, you get tooth replacements such as bridges, dentures, or implants. Leaving the extraction site without a replacement tooth can begin to harm the bone underneath and even the adjacent teeth.

Types of Extractions

Of all extractions, they can be either a simple removal or surgery.

Simple extraction – It removes a visible tooth. A dentist near you will wiggle the tooth, it becomes loose, and gently pull it out.

Surgical extraction – It works for teeth underneath the gums, such as impacted teeth. If you have a tooth that has deteriorated and its crown part is not visible, one of our dentists near you can access it by making an incision and then removing it in whole or pieces.

Tooth extractions are not painful. Our dentists in Mesquite, TX will numb you and provide a sedative drug to make you comfortable and at ease while the tooth is pulled out. Once we have removed the tooth, we provide aftercare instructions, ensuring that the site heals fast.

Visit Mesquite Dental Solutions today to meet our dentists if you require an extraction. We provide safe tooth extractions near you.

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