Gum Recession Treatment

Gum recession can damage our overall health if not caught in time and rectified. Our gums are responsible for holding our teeth in the proper position and protecting their root systems from harm. When they recede, they can expose the tooth’s root system, cause them to become loose, and even lead to problems like infection. If you’re told you have gum recession, it can be caused by different issues, but all is not lost. Your local dentist in Mesquite has gum recession treatment to help restore the missing gum tissue and give you a strong and healthy smile like the one you’ve always wanted and deserved.

If you want a solution for receding gums, you need a dentist who knows how to treat different types of gum recession – you need Mesquite Dental Solutions. Unfortunately, there is no at-home receding gums cure, but you can get all the help you need at your local dentist. The first step is to talk to your dentist about your symptoms and get an exam to determine the state of your gum recession and what may be causing it. From there, the dentist can determine your case’s best gum recession solution.

Why Might I Have Gum Recession?

If you’re not sure what may have caused your gum recession, don’t worry, that will be the first goal of the dentist. Gum recession is fairly common, but severe recession can be a serious problem, so it’s better to get it checked, as the worse the recession gets, the harder it is to treat.

Gum recession has a few distinct causes, which can make it easier to diagnose and treat, but only if caught in time.

Trauma is one of the more common reasons that the gums may recede. If a person has damage to the mouth in such a way that the gums cannot repair themselves properly, this can cause them to recede. The first step in treating the recession is to fix the damage caused by the injury. The dentist can only properly repair the gums once the injury is dealt with. This may require oral surgery, skin grafts, or other treatments to get the gums back in shape where they will recover, but it is entirely possible to reverse the effects of the damage.

Another cause of gum recession can be the use of tobacco products. Chewing tobacco and smoking harms oral health and can damage and weaken your teeth and recession the gums. The dentist can repair the gum recession just like in other cases. If the patient doesn’t stop using tobacco products, the recession will return, making the treatment pointless.

Last, the most frequent type of gum recession is a recession due to gum disease. Gingival recession treatment can come in a few different forms. If caught early, all it takes is a strong dental cleaning to correct the issue, but if gum disease continues, it may take much stronger treatments to correct the issue. At the most advanced stages, gum recession and get severe enough to endanger the health of the teeth and even cause damage to the jawbone. Once this happens, the only treatment is to clean the area, remove the gum disease, and then perform a gum graft. Adding new tissue will cause the gums to regrow themselves naturally and restore the lost tissue from the gum recession, giving you back your natural look.

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