Our teeth are constantly threatened by what we eat, accidents, germs, and bacteria. That’s why oral hygiene is so important. But sometimes our teeth have problems that brushing and flossing can’t fix. Most people know what to do when a tooth has an exterior problem, but what happens when our teeth are damaged inside? What do we do then? That’s where the dental specialty endodontics comes in. You’ve likely heard of different dental specialties that deal with the appearance of teeth, replacing missing teeth and other such things. Still, you might not know that an entire dental specialization focuses on ensuring the inside of our teeth, beneath the gums, and the enamel is kept strong and healthy.

This dental specialty is known as endodontics, and many of you have probably had an endodontic procedure done before and don’t even know it. At Mesquite Dental Solutions in Mesquite, TX, we have dentists who can treat endodontic-related issues so that you don’t have to travel all over town to get the care you need.

What Does Endodontics Treat?

Even though endodontics is very specialized, you may have had to have an endodontic procedure done before. Some are done by your general dentist almost every day, while others may need the help of a specialist. Endodontic treatments are focused on dealing with damage and infection to the inner part of the tooth; this includes the pulp of the tooth and the root system.

Several problems can affect the internal part of a tooth, such as bacteria or infection, but one of the most common problems people face is damage to the roots of a tooth. Damage or infection of the root system can cause tooth loss, and infection, in particular, can spread to other teeth, becoming a major problem. If you have a tooth that has become a concern, visit Mesquite Dental Solutions in Mesquite, TX today so we can help you.

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