How to Deal with a Chipped Tooth at Gum Line and No Pain?

How to Deal with a Chipped Tooth at Gum Line and No Pain?

August 1, 2023

Do you think you have chipped a tooth when eating your favorite hard foods or from an impact on your mouth when participating in a sporting activity? Is the tooth visible chipped but not causing any pain? The painless chipped tooth can encourage you to avoid visiting the emergency dentist in Mesquite, thinking nothing is wrong with the tooth.

When you ignore a painless chipped tooth, you make yourself vulnerable to severe pain and expenditure later to even require a much disliked endodontic therapy or lose a tooth to extraction. Therefore when you have a chipped tooth at the gum line without pain, you must not neglect treatments because it can mean the difference between having a natural tooth or a natural-looking replacement.

How to Deal with a Chipped Tooth at Gum Line and No Pain?

A tooth chipped at the gum line, and no pain does not mean you don’t have a dental situation affecting you. The chipped tooth allows your mouth bacteria to penetrate it and cause a severe infection that will require a root canal to eradicate or get your tooth extracted. In addition, your mouth bacteria can infect your gums, causing them to swell, change color, and bleed when brushing and flossing.

Root canals are painful, and getting replacement teeth is financially hampering. In addition, gum disease treatment in Mesquite remains ongoing because no cure is available for gum disease if left untreated. Therefore your best option to preserve your dental and overall health is to seek treatment from the Mesquite emergency dentist soon after you notice the damaged tooth with or without pain.

Can A Chipped Tooth At The Gum Line Be Saved?

If your tooth has chipped at the gum line without pain, the treatment for the chipped tooth differs from dental bonding or tooth extraction. Therefore addressing the issue as soon as possible helps prevent complications.

While waiting for your appointment with the Mesquite crisis dentist, you can rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water and use dental wax or sugar-free gum to cover the broken tooth. You can also use gauze to protect the affected area. If you have the tooth’s fragment, rinse it in warm water and store it in a plastic bag while heading to the emergency dentist. If the tooth damage is not extensive, the dentist and reattach the fragment to the broken tooth.

For minor tooth damage, dentists can save a chipped tooth by recommending treatments like dental bonding or dental crowns, tooth-shaped caps encasing the remaining stub of your natural tooth to restore its strength, appearance, and functionality. However, if the tooth has sustained severe damage, the dentist will recommend extraction to safeguard your oral and overall health.

When you have a chipped tooth with or without pain, you need to see a dental professional as soon as possible and have them evaluate the tooth to determine whether they can preserve it or you may need the tooth removed to prevent additional complications in the mouth. Dentists are professionals who take pride in adopting support to save the chipped tooth. Therefore, because the tooth is not painful, it is not a reason to avoid dental treatment because your condition may worsen sooner or later, requiring the intensive therapies described earlier.

Many people suffer chipped teeth at the gum line with or without pain. As a result, you may become concerned about your tooth only when it hurts and becomes unbearable. Unfortunately, many ignore the chipped tooth because they don’t experience discomfort at the time of the incident and think nothing is wrong with their teeth, even with a problem that soon aggravates a severe condition.

People would never ignore a painless chipped tooth at gum line if they realized the consequences of leaving it untreated. Therefore if you have suffered from a similar incident and have a tooth broken and the gum line with no pain, do not ignore the situation but seek treatment from the dentist nearby to prevent significant consequences from imposing themselves on your mouth.

Dental problems like chipped teeth near the gum line occasionally cause no pain. However, it does not indicate you don’t have a problem in your mouth. Mesquite Dental Solutions receive many patients with similar situations. The practice evaluates patients’ teeth and suggests a suitable remedy to treat the tooth safely. Kindly schedule an appointment with them today if you have a broken tooth near the gum line without pain to get over the pain that will soon burden you and receive treatment for the problem.